A Morning Shared ...an Erotic Short

A Morning Shared

By S. E. Darling

She woke up to the sun shining warm across her bed.  Tangled in the sheets, she knew it was morning because she could feel the warmth of that sun on her face, yet she refused to open her eyes.  She knew it would hurt after the night she had experienced.  Too much wine, too much sex, too much of everything.   It had been a night of wonderful excesses.
Knowing this she actually smiled a little.  It had been fun,  but she knew the first look at the day, those first movements, yes, they were going to hurt a little.
Within seconds, she knew what had woken her up.   She felt his presence.  Awake.  Needy.  His body almost bouncing a little on the bed beside her, impatient for her to wake up and start the day with him.  
She didn’t even have to open her eyes to know he was in too fucking  good a mood for someone that had shared space with her that night before.  Shared some of those same excesses that should have had him almost whimpering at the thought of coming awake this morning. 
But that was not his way.  He never had hangovers… never hesitated to start the day.  There were mornings that she almost hated him for that ability.
“Wake up, beautiful, the day is ‘awastin”  he said in a whisper in her ear. 
She laughed a little inside because she knew that morning was his time to be playful.  She usually was always in the mood to indulge him.  She opened one eye and peered at him.  It didn’t hurt so bad if she only opened that one eye.
“There’s one of those beautiful blues” he laughed.   “Where is the other one?”
“It’s floating around in my head somewhere” she joked, her voice low and raspy from sleep.  Gingerly, she opened the other eye.  That one hurt a bit.
“Are they in straight? “  She deliberately crossed them at him.  
“Well, one looks a little cock-eyed.” He replied.  “But you know, it always does anyway and they almost look purple instead of blue this morning, mixed with the red”.
She moved her arm to reach out and poke him a bit in his ribs.   Another thing she almost hated him for; he never woke up with red bleary eyes, damn him.   
She slowly sat up and stretched, her head not hurting as bad as she thought it would.    Her lover immediately laughed and comically fell back flat on the bed because he knew what would happen next.
Less than 5 seconds after she had moved, she knew she needed to hit the bathroom fast or she was going to pee all over her bed.  As she did every morning, she scrambled over him, mashing him flatter on the bed, her feet landing with a hard, painful jarring thud as she ran out the bedroom door and  into the hall to get to the bathroom as fast as possible.  She barely made it to toilet, hearing him chuckling from the bedroom.
“You know, one day I am gonna hold you down.”……he joked.   “Just hold you down and see how long it would take.”
“if you ever do, you are changing the sheets my love.”  Speaking loudly over the stream.  “it will not be pretty”.   Finishing with her first order of business, she rose off the toilet and turned to look in the bathroom mirror.
“Ugh” she said shaking her head.   “I truly look like I have had a fucking hell of a night”.    You look like you just went to choir practice instead of spending it fucking my brains out”.    “It’s not fucking fair” she ended with a mutter.  Satisfied she got enough of her morning cuss words in,  she studied her face in the mirror.
She thought about it all and decided that this was her penance for all the pleasure she had felt the night before.  She also thought again that it was not right that he never paid the same way.  That little nasty selfish feeling died quickly because she knew she would never want him to feel any pain…. She laughed as she also prefaced that her in mind with the phrase “unless he wanted to feel pain”.   Raising her eyebrows at herself in the mirror.
“Would that be a “fucking hell of a night”  or a “fucking” night baby?” he asked from the bedroom, with the sound of bit of devil in his voice.    “You know, we could fix that and have a fucking hell of a morning”.
She smiled at herself in the mirror, she knew where this morning would lead them.  Knowing this, she felt her blood race a bit.   Nights with this man usually led to hard, down and dirty sexual feasts, but the mornings,   ah!, the mornings were their time to explore and renew the softness, the beauty of each other together. 
For this man, of all of the men she had known, had her heart in full.  Owned it, like no one ever had.  Knowing this, and knowing he would wait those first few minutes for her to primp for their “morning feast”, she tried to think of something delightful to do with him while she went about repairing some of the damage to her face and body.
Brushing her teeth, washing her face and body,  washing away those excesses of the night, she thought about how lucky she had gotten these last few years.  He was her match, her soul mate, in every way.  They blended.   That is the only way she could describe it.  They blended and stayed blended…
She heard the morning waking up outside her bathroom window, the day beginning with the sounds of birds chirping and the light summer breeze waffling through the curtains in the bathroom.  
She heard him moving around in the other room, a bit worried now that she had taken too long and that he was getting up and starting his day without starting it the way she wanted it to, she quickly finished her primping and walked back into the bedroom.
She stopped a minute to watch him, realizing that he was just  straightening the sheets and covers on the bed, laughing a little at his obsession with order.  How the fuck they blended in her chaotic mess of a world was something that amazed her to no end.
He flopped back down on the bed, propped up a little against the mound of pillows she loved to cover the bed with.   Just stretched out, naked, his hands behind his head of sandy-blonde spiky curls.    Smiling that little smile he always got in the morning, waiting for her to return to his warmth.  His hazel-green eyes just sparkling.
“What day is it?” she asked him as she turned toward her chest of drawers and started rifling through the top one.  
“It’s pink day” he replied laughing a little.
“You know, it’s quite odd that you remember that so quickly” she chuckled.   “I think I am gonna have to change it up a bit.  Saturday’s are now a new color”. 
He winged his eyebrows up as she pulled out a brand new pair of purple thigh-high stockings and peek a boo bra.   It was rare that she changed the order of color or introduced a new one.  As much as she fussed at him for his own obsessiveness, she too had her own quirks.  As long as they had been together, he could always tell what day it was by the color of her undergarments.  He laughed lightly, knowing that, for her, it was the same,  a way of remembering what day it was. 
As smart as she was, she still had trouble keeping up with time.  Her excuse was that there was not enough of it.    So she put things in place to remind her of that time passing.  Like the colors of the day.    Changing that color would cost her some.  It would disorient her for a week or two, but that is what he loved about her.  With all her idiosyncrasies, she still adapted….still made changes within herself and her world.  It was this unpredictability that always had him wanting more of her.
He watched her sit down on the stool in front of the dresser, leisurely unrolling the stockings and rolling them on.   Heard her snap the top of one stocking lightly against her thigh, turning her leg to study the color and fit.  He laughed because he could see her enjoyment of the new color.  Her face lit up with the pleasure of it.  His belly tightened, his cock hardening as he noticed how the purple contrasted so strongly against the soft whiteness of the top of  her thigh.  It made his mouth water to watch her.  That and the peeks he received of her beautiful pink pussy as she raised her legs.  He watched as she rolled up the second one.
“You know” he said philosophically.  “I think you are the only woman I know who gets off on the thought of wearing those so much”.    He grinned at her wryly and stated softly “But I know why you really wear them”.
“Why, baby?” she asked still engrossed in straightening the stockings on her legs.
“Because your legs are so sensitive you don’t want to feel so much so fast”. 
She raised her gaze from her legs, and for a second or two she looked at him in surprise, then she laughed.  
“Well, that is part of it”.  she said ironically. “But the other part is, I love watching you watching me enjoying it”.  As she smiled saucily at him, she rose from the stool and walked toward him.   
He always wondered what the Gods were thinking when they put her together.  She was not what you would call a model “beauty”.    She was not tall or long legged.    She was not delicately feminine.  She described herself as sturdy stock and in way she was right.  Of medium height, her body and torso was long and lean, her legs short but curvy.   He knew how strong those legs were from running every day.  He could still feel them as they wrapped around him, her strong thighs clinging to his as he pounded his rock hard cock into that beautiful pink pussy.
Her breasts…. Well, they were full and softly white.  Her aureoles large and rosy brown, nipples prominent.   She was not high breasted, always joking that she wished she had small and tight breasts, but he loved them.   There were moments in his life that all he wanted was to lay his head against them. To immerse his face within their softness, running his lips lightly against her large nipples.    Other times, it excited him to feel those soft breasts on other places of his body, running his cock in between them, watching her hands wrapped them around him.  No, she was not delicate, but to him so very curvy soft and sexy. 
However,  as much as he desired her strong, sexy curvy body, it was her face that fascinated him.    Full lips, always laughing or smiling.   To date, he counted 20 different smiles and he was always looking for a different one to add to the list.    He always teased her about the small space between her mostly straight white teeth.   She always teased back that it gave her the ability to suck air with more pressure at certain tasks.   Looking at her full lips, his body and cock hardened because he knew the pleasure she could give him with those lips and tongue.  He knew first hand how wet, soft and hot they felt around him.
Her hair was one of her most beautiful things.   Long to her curvy bouncy butt and a beautiful chestnut brown.  He loved to play with it, wrapping it around her and him. 
Her face was classically oval, but that is where the classic stopped.  Her nose had been broken at some time in her life and was a bit puggish, her chin  strongly jutting forward.   He also knew from experience how stubborn that chin could get.  
However, it was her eyes that caught him from the first.  Her dark brows winged upwards like painters strokes framing the cat like shape of her eyes, tilted at the corners, the color of them the most beautiful sea-blue  he had ever seen.   They always looked a bit dreamy, and when he told her that, she reminded him that was because she couldn’t see two feet in front of her face without her glasses or contacts…. And he always reminded her that one inch was enough as long as she could see him.  But he knew the dreaminess was simply her need to day dream and imagine.   
As she walked toward him on the bed, he would probably laugh if he knew she was thinking about the Gods also.  There he was laying like a lug, his hands still behind his head, his body stretched out over the bed, ankles crossed, cock up and hardening as he watched her approach him.   Looking at him, she knew the gods knew exactly what they were doing when they made him.   He was classically beautiful.  His face was handsome and pleasing, brow strong and nose long and prominent.  His smile devilishly so with that one crooked eyetooth as his only flaw…which she didn’t think a flaw despite his claims.    She felt it wink at her as he grinned.   His eyes a hazel-green against what always seemed a tanned face.  
His hair a dark golden sandy brown.  She called it deer hide color mixed with browns and blonde.  He liked to wear it spiked but no matter how much he gelled it, by the morning it was curling again.  She loved to run her fingers through it, just stroking through the softness of it.  His skin had a golden glow to it all the time.  His body long and lean, he never seemed to gain any weight.    His arms and upper body were strong from working outdoors, his chest and legs lightly covered in fine golden hair.  She loved it when he enfolded her close.  He always smelled of man and light sweat.  It was a heady smell to her, stirring her senses.
When she reached him, she smiled, realizing that they both were taking assessment.  He did the same.  Their enjoyment and almost arrogance at how much they each attracted each other just fueled the flames between them.
She hopped up on the bed to sit beside him, just leaning lightly against his body, her legs underneath her. 
‘My man, you are beautiful this morning.”  She said in her low, husky laughing voice.
“My woman, you are beautiful to me all the time.”  He replied back, his own voice low and baritone, reaching out one hand to stroke her body in one long sweep, returning his hand behind his head to just relax and look at her.
She laughed, knowing that he got one up on her with that one.  She reached out a hand to stroke his own face, running it from forehead to jaw, then lightly running it across his chest.
“What are we going to do this morning, hmm?” she asked softly.  Then squeaked as a voice from under the covers on the opposite side of the king size bed spoke out.
“I wish the two of you would just shut the fuck up for another hour.”  Croaked out a gravely voice.
A strong arm pushed the comforter covering him back, revealing the dark hair and pale face of one of their best friends.  He would call himself the “better half” of the couple laying on the opposite side of the bed, partners in crime to their love fest of the night before.
She laughed as she realized that what she thought were simply a covered mound of pillows, were actually her friends still sleeping wrapped tight around each other on the far side of the bed.  Her best friend for years,  her long dirty blond hair tangled and snarled, framed a pixy face still sleeping heavily.
“I don’t want her to wake up yet”.  Her husband Phil said.   “So can you keep it down a bit?”.
Her lover laughed lightly replying “You know we have a guest bedroom, not ten feet from here”.
“After what we finished with last night, I couldn’t have moved an inch” Phil replied.
She laughed, remembering that last episode and agreed with the man.  They all fried themselves with that last frantic bout of extreme sex.   She barely remembered the end of it, falling almost comatose herself after cumming so hard she almost fainted.
“We’ll try to be quiet” she said.  “You just go back to sleep”.
Saying this, she looked at her lover and partner, smiling, raised up on her knees and hiked one of her purple covered legs over the stretched out legs of her lover,  to settle and rest her bottom on top of his thighs as she straddled him.  He responded by simply raising his legs and knees up so that her back was leaning against them.
She laughed low and lightly because this brought her pussy and his cock against each other tightly.  His cock and balls right at the junction of her thighs.  She reached down and lightly took his cock in her hand, folding close against her belly.  She loved the feel of it there.  Cupped her hand around it to bring it closer.
“Hmm’ she said.  “Now that feels hot…yum.   What are we gonna do to cool it off my man?”
Her long fingers just stroking him lightly up and down, holding his cock firm against her, she leaned forward toward his face and with teeth and tongue gave him his first kiss of the morning.   He always got a shock when she did this, the kiss was always so passionate.   His fingers released from behind his head and his hands reached up to grab and frame her face, holding her mouth against his for extra moments so that he could feel those soft full lips sipping his.
When she pulled back, her eyes liquid and languid, he felt the blood in his head and cock begin to sizzle.  She had that devilish look to her which meant she was up to something.
At the same time he was thinking that, his hands and long fingers automatically reached out and teasingly stroked those beautiful legs from knee to hip, always lingering at the edge of the top of those new purple stockings, circling that edge and moving slowly toward the inner area of her thighs.  He knew she was right, the contrast of the color and her beautiful skin always drew his attention.  As his fingers lightly stroked the skin of her inner thighs, he could feel the tension within her growing. 
He gasped as she rose up quickly, his hard cock firm in her hand, she placed it at the entrance of her pussy, swiftly enveloping him to the hilt.  His body arched almost in rebellion at  the feeling of being enveloped in something so silky soft, yet so strong, so tight and wonderfully hot and wet.   He quickly reached out and grabbed her hips to keep them still a moment.
She laughed that husky laugh.
“Liked that did ya?” She asked.
His voice, low but now hoarse replied “You didn’t give me any warning, wench”.  
She leaned her body down against his chest, as her legs, still folded underneath her along side his hips, began slowly stretching and straightening them one at a time out behind her.  She moved them in between his, closing them tightly to hold him inside her, pushing his cock even deeper.
“I haven’t tried this in a while” she said.  “It’s almost like I am fucking you, not the other way around”.
She began to move her hips slightly, just pumping them lightly, using his chest as leverage to raise up and down a bit.  It drove him crazy because the movement was so shallow.  He tried to grab her hips to straighten them to get a deeper movement, but she grabbed his hands, bringing them out from his body and down on the bed, pinning them.
“Oh no you don’t”.  she laughed.   “I want to do this.  You just lay there.  We’ll get there in time”.
She continued to move those curvy hips just a fraction of an inch back and forth.  Her legs were closed tight, his balls resting low between her tight thighs.   He could feel her squeezing her buttocks and thighs around them, his cock getting harder and harder at that small movements inside her.  She was barely moving on the outside, but inside her pussy, he felt every muscle squeezing him from the tip of the broad head of his cock all the way to the base.  Almost a counterpoint of timing.  He felt himself gritting his teeth at the extreme long teasing stroke of the movement.   The position did not allow him to thrust as he needed to.  The pressure and pleasure was excruciating.
She was grinning too damn much at his situation but he knew that if he stopped her, she would finish it quickly.  Instead he took a deep breath and relaxed, letting his body feel the pleasure and pressure of her  wet hot pussy lightly stroking him inside her.  Those strong buttocks and thighs squeezing the base of his cock almost unbearable in it’s pain and  pleasure.  She was laying lightly against his chest brushing those beautiful white soft breasts back and forth against his ribs as she moved, her hands stroking, brushing his own nipples, her tongue and lips lightly sucking one, then moving to the other.
She was truly fucking him.    That is what it felt like.  Without moving anything but the tight muscles of her pussy.  He laughed and groaned at the same time, turning his head on the pillow in agony,  he saw his buddy watching them, grinning.    He knew his eyes almost pleaded with his friend for help.
“Don’t look at me to stop her, you idiot”.  His friend laughed.  “I’m getting turned on just watching her torture you”.   He slowly sat up and asked “Do you mind if I join you?”
Her lover shook his head and groaned out “I don’t, if she doesn’t.   Fucking do something, I am dying here”.   He pleaded.
He reached out to cup her face with his hand to make sure she was paying attention and she laughed lightly and turned her head toward their friend.
“Join us, but go lightly… I am still feeling a bit abused from last night” she stated softly.
Their friend carefully rose up from the coverings, gingerly unentangling himself from his wife’s arms.  Covering her lightly again so that she would stay warm, he quietly rose to the side of the bed and reached out on the table for a small jar of ointment and a condom.    He walked around the bed and joined his two friends on their side. 
The couple locked together on the bed watched each other and smiled as he approached,  a man of about the same height as her lover, but darker in hair, eyes and body.   Almost Italian looking, but they both knew that was not his origin.  Their friends last name was Hubert, which was french.  His body was covered in a light dusting of dark hair, his muscles longer and ropier than Her lover’s.  More muscular. 
As he reached their side of the bed, he unrolled the condom onto his cock and opened the jar, his fingers dipped inside, emerging covered in a light spicy scent of ointment which he used to anoint his own already hard morning cock with generously. 
He climbed on the bed, up on his knees, straddling both of the couples legs from behind her.   Dipping his fingers back in the jar again then setting the jar aside on the bed, he reached down between her buttocks, lightly brushing her anus with the ointment. 
For good measure, his other hand reached down between her buttocks and lightly grabbed Her lover’s balls and squeezed.   Their friend laughed at the groan that emerged from Her lover’s mouth.  The movements from inside her pussy, the squeezing of his balls almost forced him to cum right there, but he held back as his friend finally released his balls, chuckling. 
“Fucker, you will pay for that one” her lover said to his friend as he gasped for breath.   
Phil snickered but said nothing as he concentrated on the task at hand.  The blood beginning to boil within his own veins.   Watching his friends locked together, seeing the round softness of the woman’s buttocks laid out before him.   Knowing that his friend couldn’t not move and would not be able to in this position.  The thought of that torture fueled his own lust.
Still laying across her lovers chest, the woman felt their friend lightly caress her buttocks and reach again between them with one hand, his fingers lightly stroking the outside of the lips of her pussy and moving upwards toward her anus… just lightly stroking.  She felt him place his hand flat against the juncture of her buttocks, his middle finger probing her ass lightly, the oil easing the way.  
The tightness, the pleasure pain made her groan.   She was still a little sore from the night before, but the fullness was exquisite.
“Easy my friend, go easy”.  She said.
He responded by reaching out for more ointment from the jar and spreading it more liberally, almost massaging her anus, while his finger lightly stroked back and forth inside her.  Her body responded as much as it could given the position she was in, moving in counterpoint to his finger.  The pleasure and anticipation of what was about to happen beginning to course hotly through the blood pumping in her own veins.
She felt her friend slide his finger out to the edge, holding her anus open slightly.  With his other hand holding his cock he brought the broad head of it between her buttocks.  She grabbed Her lover’s arms with her hands in anticipation of what was going to happen.  Her breath catching and holding.
She felt that broad head of his cock against her and slowly penetrate with a pop.   As he entered her, easing bit by bit until he finally was inside her to the hilt, she laughed a strangled laugh, thanking the gods that their friends cock, while long, was not as broad or full as her lovers.
 His legs still straddling both of theirs, his balls now resting almost on top of Her lover’s, he leaned forward, his belly resting against her lower back, his weight supported by his long arms on the bed alongside the couples body.  A long drawn out groan escaped from his mouth.   The tightness of the channel of her ass making the pleasure almost unbearable for a moment.
All three held their breath for a moment as she adjusted to the fullness  of him inside of her ass.  Her lover watched her face grimace, her breath coming in short gasps now.   His own hands reached out to stroke her arms and back, hoping that it would help to relax her.  He knew from her face that she was feeling some pain, but underneath that grimace he could see the excitement of what they were all doing beginning to build.  Feel it In himself and in her.
Moments passed when finally she released her breath, her body relaxing at the invasion.    She looked up, raising her head from his chest and smiled.     Almost dreamily.    
“I’m okay you guys”.    She assured them.
“Thank god” said their friend.  “I don’t think I could pull out at this point”.
“Don’t you dare” both of them said, then laughed at their jinx.
“Whose going to move first?” she asked laughing a bit.
“I am” their friend responded.  “You two just lay there for a moment”
In saying that he began to move within her ass… just short strokes to begin with to ease them all into the rocking movement, then building to longer strokes as the feeling of pleasure and excitement took him over.
The couple laying on the bed gasped.  They both could feel the rocking movement of his cock.   She inside her ass, and her lover along side his own cock buried deep inside her pussy.  The feeling was exquisite, the long slide of cock against cock driving her almost crazy.   She gasped and groaned, the pleasure of being filled by these two men almost unbearable.  She was left tilting almost at the edge of cumming but not quite able to reach it because she could not move with her legs still tight together within Her lover’s.    As she was torturing Her lover with the constrictions of her own position, it prohibited her from moving too.
Minutes passed, the two laying on the bed and the man moving behind them, all groaning with the pleasure coursing through their bodies as they strived and strained.   Finally she could take no more of it.  Raising up a little, her face strained and grimacing she cried out.
‘I can’t move” she cried panting.   “Help me, god!” she pleaded with the men.   She needed to move or be able to rub her clit on something… something to release the pressure within her.
Their friend reached around her hip and under her, his fingers sliding down her pelvis and now against her clit, rubbing and bringing that pressure she needed.   She almost screamed at the release of pleasure spiraling through her body as she came.    The feeling was so strong she almost fainted… the waves of pleasure coursing out from her clit to her belly and legs.  The hard cock rocking of her friend, the fullness of her lover’s cock within her  was almost too much pleasure.
Both men felt the waves of it coursing through her.  Both felt the constrictions of her pussy against their hard cocks within her.   Both men inhaled and held their breath, not wanting this to end here.
She was almost sobbing when it finally ended.  Her head resting against Her lover’s chest, the rapid beating of his heart and her own ringing loud in her ears.
Phil had stopped moving within her, his head resting lightly against her back, he had not yet cum himself, nor had her lover.   The men chuckled with relief through grimaces at the situation, they both were straining to hold back, wanting this woman they both loved to reach her own pleasure first and thankful that she had done so.   A rule both men followed religiously.
They looked at each other, both of them stroking the woman between them, calming her because they could feel her shaking lightly at the depth of her pleasure.  The amount of love they felt for her, enormous, showing in their eyes and the sharing of it between them.
Moments later, she took a deep breath and raised herself up off of Her lover’s chest and laughed looking into his eyes.
“This morning turned out to be a different than what we expected my love”  she said softly to him.
Her lover laughed and choked at the same time.  Their friend was doing the same.
“We are not finished yet wench!” he replied through gritted teeth.
“Then let’s change this a bit” she said reaching around behind her friend to pat his thigh.  
He slowly pulled out of her as she raised up, backing away from the couple to give her room to move.   Groaning at the release of pressure as their friends cock finally pulled free of her, she gingerly moved her legs apart, still holding Her lover’s cock within her, slowly raising on her knees and carefully moving her legs outside of his,  alongside his body.  He yelped as she swiftly gripped the sides of his hips with her knees and grabbed his shoulders and turned them so that she was laying on her back with her legs spread wide and him between them, his cock buried deep within.
Her lover could not stop, the tightness of her pussy, the heat and wetness of it, was too much.  He quickly  raised up on his own knees between those beautiful white thighs, holding them open, flat on the bed so that he could see them covered by those exciting purple stockings, and began fucking her, pumping and rocking his cock hard in and out of her now gloriously wet and hot kitty.
 He did not notice the actions of his friend, so immersed into the fucking pleasure he was experiencing just being able to finally move.  His eyes closed, his mouth grimacing at the pleasure of the back and forth feel of his cock sliding within her .
He did not see his friend clean himself and reach into the bedside table for another condom.  He didn’t hear or feel him raise behind him on the bed or open the jar again.
He didn’t realize until he felt his friend fingers on his own ass what was about to happen and when he felt that ointment being spread and his friend once again take his cock in hand and guide it to his own ass, he almost came before it all started.   Once again, he gritted his teeth… groaning as his friend entered his own body, just as he had done to his woman. 
He could not stop moving, the fuel of passion and lust driving him so strongly.  His friend was moving counterpoint within him to the rocking thrusting motion. Each time he pulled back, his friends hard cock rammed and reamed his own asshole.  
The woman beneath him felt the motion, power and combined strength of their passion.   Her body straining as they were trying to reach that goal of pleasure.   Her lover, his hands and arms outstretched along side her body, reach between them, rubbing her clit with light pressure, running his hand upwards toward her belly.  Sweeping over her white breasts, he leaned down to suck them strongly, taking one first in his mouth, almost engulfing it, then releasing to do the same to the other one.  
Everything became frantic, the tension within the three of them building and escalating, their groans of pleasure getting louder with the need to reach the pinnacle of pleasure.
Underneath him, she was cumming again….her arms outspread on the bed, her hands gripping the sheet into small balls within her fists, her body bowing upwards at each rocking motion of his cock inside her, her hips thrusting and gyrating in counterpoint to his.  This time he could feel her pleasure strongly as her cunt squeezed his cock with every wave and heard her almost keening a whistle at her own pleasure.
The feel of that, the rocking cock moving back and forth inside his own ass, had the first wave of pleasure hit him like lightening.  He felt his balls almost expand, then explode from the pressure of his own release, his cumming and cum leaving his body with an almost explosive force.  He heard the same sounds coming from his friend.  His pumping cock reaming his ass deep as he too came hard. 
All three of them groaned in unison, collapsing on the bed atop and wrapped around each other.  The soft lingering groans of pleasure still escaping their lips.  All three reaching out with hands and mouths to caress each other and calm each other through that feeling coursing through their bodies.
What seemed like hours but was only a few minutes later, their breathing and heartbeats slowly returning to normal,  they heard a light cough, almost a clearing of throat.
Comically, in unison, they all raised their heads and turned them toward the opposite side of the bed.
A small pixy face, an explosion of fuzzy blonde hair emerged from the covers. 
“You fucking did all that without me”.  Windy said petulantly.   “I can’t believe you didn’t wake me up.   I had to lay here and listen to it all”.
The woman, buried deep under the weight of the two men, struggling to breathe, began laughing.  
“Hey girl, you snooze, you lose” she croaked out to her friend.    Stretching out her arm toward her friend, she laughed at the corniness of her joke.
She thought about it all and for the life of her, could not figure out how they could have fit one more person in all that they had just done.   Knowing this, she knew that they would pay for the lapse of not including her friend and couldn’t figure out how she was going to find the energy….the men raised up on their knees, Her lover fully pulling out of her.   She sat up and reached out toward the woman that they had forgotten about in all the hoopla and excitement….to tickle her ribs and pat her in sympathy.
While all three were contemplating the same thing, looking at the woman across the bed, all of sudden her eyes widened and she yelled “Make way, get out of my way.  I am about the flood the gates”.  She laughed as scrambled across the bed and over them, knocking all three of them down again, as she literally crawled over them to land on the floor beside the bed with both feet running toward the bathroom. 
“I did not have the strength to test that theory about holding her down either” Phil said, his voice muffled because he had landed face first in the mound of pillows.
 “in fact, I don’t think I have the strength to hold down a gnat right now” he gasped chuckling.
They all laughed almost manically because they knew they would have to somehow find the strength to include that wonderful woman peeing like mad in the bathroom.    Where the energy would come from, none of them knew, but they knew they would have find it somehow.
Moments later, the woman returned from the bathroom, naked as a jaybird, with her hands on her hips, just staring, shaking her head at the lump of flesh of the three people she loved most in the world.   All three already lightly snoring away to beat the band.   
She would.  She would make them all pay for this later, but right now she simply wanted to join them.  She hopped on the bed and snuggled against the three, quickly warming  again from their combined body heat, thinking about what she would do to them when they woke.
It is what they all lived for, this connection they had.  The pleasure they brought to each other.  Just listening to them find their own pleasure without her, she had stroked herself to cumming, excited by the sounds of what they had been doing.  She wouldn’t tell them that, for guilt sex could be exciting.  And they owed her one.  
She hoped what they four had together went on for many many years.  Her eyes slowly closing at her renewed drowsiness, she hoped that they were still exploring it all for 50 years.
She finally fell asleep again dreaming about that.

©S. E. Darling, 1998